Magic Is Real – Welcome.

Good Day Readers,

This blog has been created to document my experiments with Magick.

The reasons for this are as follows.

Magic is real. What I mean by this is that there are natural energies, forces and laws that can be harnessed or worked within to create change in the physical world in accordance to our intent.

There are many people in the world who are aware of this. There are many books published on the subject from the work of Abraham-Hicks to the Gallery of Magick. Those who follow the Law of Attraction or the Power of Angels, Demons, Spirits and Sigils. Those who think their life is a creation of their sub-conscious mind and those who recite mantras and prayers to Deities.

A belief in the Supernatural (Which to me just means REALLY REALLY Natural) has been around for as long as we have. I have experienced the supernatural for a sizeable part of my life and I want to share that part of my life with people.

Also, I want to inspire people to experience the supernatural for themselves.

Mostly, I just feel lonely. I experience these amazing things sometimes. And I have no one to share them with.

Thank you for reading.